3 Reasons Why You'll Love Our New Draft Feedback Features

Posted by Katie Fagan on Jul 16, 2016 12:26:00 PM


We’ve been busy here at VidMob, working on a mountain of exciting new updates for our users—from content production to platform improvements, we’ve been drumming up ways to make your VidMob experience easier, faster, and flat-out more fun.

Next up on our list of new releases? App Update 1.6 aka “Draft Feedback as it Should Be.”

For the full scoop on what this update means for you, check out the video below.



Prefer to read about these updates instead? Here’s a quick rundown:

1.  Reactions

Smiley faces aren’t just for emoji fans. No, no, they’re also a highly innovative (if we do say so ourselves) tool that allows you to dog-ear both the moments you liked 🙂 and the ones you didn’t 🙁

all while seamlessly watching your draft. This makes for a quick reminder post-review about which moments you might want to leave feedback on.



2. Timestamps

Now, when you write up a comment on your draft, it will coincide exactly with its timestamp…because “remove this shot (3:01)” is way easier to communicate than “remove that shot with stuff in the background.”



3. Project File Attachments

Even more precise than timestamps? Project file attachments. Because if at 3:01 you want to replace “that shot with stuff in the background” with “that shot of more stuff in the background” you can simply attach the exact file instead (ah, clarity!).



4. Feedback Feed (okay, we lied, there’s actually 4)

We promise we can count! But this feature is really more of a “bonus feature.” Now, whenever you or your collaborators use features 1-3 during draft feedback, their actions will appear in an easy-to-read feedback feed to update the rest of your group. Because who doesn’t want to be on the same page?



Curious to know what this update will mean for editors?

1. Dual Viewing

We’ve simplified how our editors review and handle client feedback. Now, viewing the clip in question alongside its corresponding feedback can all happen on the same page.


2. Quick Reply

Respond to client comments directly into the feed for a nice, neat record of the draft’s direction. Just be sure to remember to notify your client of the new comments by sending them a note in “Messages” (draft comments don’t receive push notifications on the user’s end).

draft reply

3. Easy Access to Reference Attachments

Preview the file your client has attached for a quick reference, or even download it right then and there for simplified access.

media reference

And that is your iOS Update 1.6 and Edit Suite release. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can best build this platform to suit your needs, be sure to reach out to us at support@vidmob.com.

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