3 Steps to Scaling Brand Governance: Why Your Brand Needs a Different Solution

Posted by Katie Fagan on Jul 15, 2021 11:00:00 AM

As the digital landscape blurs traditional economic borders, brands now have even more exciting opportunities to expand their footprint into just about any corner of the world they choose. Of course, as a brand grows, the struggle to consistently maintain creative best practices and brand mandatories becomes even more challenging—which is why having a scalable brand governance solution is critical for ensuring global brand integrity.

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The Pitfalls of Traditional Brand Governance

Many brands rely on internal or outsourced teams to manually track, score, and organize creative assets that are fit to run according to a global set of brand mandatories and platform best practices. And any global brand would be smart to do so! However, implementing human checks and balances to ensure creative is meeting the mark quickly becomes costly and time consuming—not to mention rife with inevitable human error.

By the time an asset has been scanned, scored, and filed by one team so that another can find and flight the asset in an upcoming campaign, lots of time and resource cost has been spent before the brand will ever see a penny on ROI. And without a solid guarantee that the asset is fit to run in the first place, there’s significant risk all that ad spend could be for naught.

Put simply, it’s not an ideal long-term solution for managing a growing, global brand.

3 Ways to Scale Brand Governance

Thankfully, there’s a simpler way to quickly and efficiently score and manage creative assets through data-driven brand governance.

1. Score Assets Automatically

With teams chock-full of strategic talent, there are likely more productive projects to focus on than scanning assets for specific creative elements. Free up talent by automating scoring creative with AI-based technology that can scan assets far faster and more accurately.

2. Quickly Align Global Teams

Reduce fragmentation and miscommunication between all your global creative teams by using a solution that seamlessly integrates into the way you already work. Rest easy knowing all the right teams have fast access to properly stored, easy-to-locate approved creative.

3. Know which Criteria Drive Results

Not all best practices are one-size-fits-all, so it’s important to have access to data that can confidently determine which criteria are most impactful for both brand and performance goals. Not only can data flag when a best practice criteria is hurting results, it can also reveal new criteria to drive even better results.

Start Scaling with VidMob Brand Governance

Launching next week, VidMob Brand Governance will help brands achieve scalable, consistent global presence on any platform and in any region, while also revealing which best practices have the most impact on both your brand and performance goals.