3 Ways to Find the Perfect Editor's Bid

Posted by Katie Fagan on Jan 14, 2016 12:15:00 PM


You’ve created a project, chosen the clips and photos for your video, and have sent that baby to bid—congrats! You’re on your way to making a great video.  

Now all that’s left to do is pick that fateful editor’s bid. For those of us who struggle to just pick an entree for dinner, deciding on who will be the one to help craft your video masterpiece can feel somewhat daunting.

But not to fear! We’ve gathered up our top three tips for using our platform so you can guarantee you’ve found the perfect bid (and spend your time figuring out what to eat instead):

1. Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down: Not just for emojis anymore. Our thumbs up and thumbs down buttons help to definitively tell our algorithm which bids you want to see again and which bids you want to eliminate—in fact, thumbing down is the easiest and fastest way to see new bids. This way, if you’re holding out for that perfect bid (but are too scared to get rid of some “maybes”), the next time you open the app or manually refresh, your bid selection will be replenished to show brand new bids, to hold on to those you’ve thumbed up, and to completely eliminate those that you’ve thumbed down.
thumbs_up_down_screenshot copy
2. The Swipe vs. The Tap: When you swipe by an editor’s bid, our algorithm takes note. And when you tap in to view an editor’s profile, our algorithm notes that too. These actions help our algorithm feed you bids that are more in line with the ones you’ve tapped-to-view and less like the ones you’ve swiped by so that we can bring you a more perfectly curated selection of editor bids (now only if restaurant menus did this…).SwipevsTap copy
3. Favoriting: Found an editor you’d like to work with either on this project or in the future? You can add them to your list of favorites! Unlike the thumbs up, which will preserve an individual bid for a particular project, favoriting saves the editor to a list so that they appear first in your bid selections (and, in an upcoming version of the app, you can ping them to bid on projects in the future).

GaryRoach copy

Moral of the story? The more you play with the bid cards, the more likely you are to teach our algorithm exactly the types of bids and the types of editors you’d prefer to see. Because, who wouldn’t want a uniquely personal curated list of top editors vying to work on your video project?

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