7 Easy Ways to Get Great Video for Your Business

Posted by Katie Fagan on Jan 26, 2016 2:51:00 PM

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Whether you have access to on-the-ready staff  capable of capturing high-quality footage, or if shooting video on your iPhone is about the full extent of your videoing capabilities—the good news is all you need to create the amazing video for your business is to just start capturing.

The best part? You don’t have to change up your regular routine to record this video, either. Just keep doing what you’re doing; but this time, take out a camera to capture it.

Here are some events you’ve likely already got planned that you can use to start collecting great clips for an amazing promo, testimonial, explainer, recruiting, or other style video:

1. Anniversary / Milestone Event: Having a big bash to commemorate one year in business or an in-house celebration for hitting 100,000 followers? Whatever the cause for celebration, be sure to capture it on video to curate great moments that could be used to highlight brand personality, help promote a future event, or to attract new talent.

2. New Hire: Whether new hires are welcomed by song and dance or just a quick intro to the team, capturing an employee’s first days can help to provide content for internal team building, team dynamics, brand personality, or attracting even more new talent.

3. Milestone / Happy Customer: Did your 50,000th customer just walk through the door? Sell your 75,000th best-selling item? Receive great feedback from yet another happy customer? Capture it! These moments are great fodder for product demos, testimonials, or telling your brand’s story.

4. Product Creation: Providing some behind-the-scenes action of what goes into the creation of your product does wonders for product demos, brand storytelling, or explainer videos to help build trust and understanding with your customers and followers.

5. Product in Usage:  Remember, with VidMob, you can share a project with your most loyal customers and ask them to add footage. It’s a great way for them to connect more deeply with your company, and to tell the world why they love your product. Video reviews from real customers carry more weight than almost any other form of marketing!

6. Community / VIP Nights: For certain industries, hosting community or VIP nights is a great way to drum up buzz about your brand. Capturing video from this event and sharing it on your social channels is an even better way to show off your product, promote your brand, tell your story, recruit new talent, or demonstrate your business’s unique personality.

7. Charity / Fundraising: Whether you’re hosting or attending, donating or fundraising, capturing your brand’s presence at these types of events makes for great footage that can help to round out your brand’s personality, tell your business’s story, or attract like-minded talent.

So while you might not know the kind of video you want to create now, capturing key footage during these crucial times can help provide a stockpile of at-the-ready footage you’ll want down the road. This way, you’re ready to create anything from a helpful tutorial to brand storytelling the minute your business needs it.

And when you’re ready to take that great video content and turn it into a professionally edited video, don’t forget to do it with VidMob (sign up here). 

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