eCommerce Creative Insights for Direct Response During COVID-19

Posted by Brenda Lopez on Nov 18, 2020 11:00:00 AM
Brenda Lopez

COVID-19 has impacted the world as we know it – but how will this drastic change affect the eCommerce industry moving forward?

To better understand how brands can pivot their strategies in a world where COVID-19 has affected consumers' purchasing habits, we used VidMob's Creative Intelligence platform and data-informed creative decisions to help illuminate the opportunity available to brands.

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VidMob currently addresses two of the biggest challenges facing the industry today: creating effective video ads and using creative data to improve ROI. VidMob’s technology platform, Agile Creative Studio, offers a revolutionary creative process that allows brands to analyze creative performance, commission new and optimized ads, source and store assets, and publish final ads to media accounts, all in one place.

For this analysis, we used our Creative Intelligence platform to analyze 14,000+ ads from 81 different brands that served over 2.4 billion impressions. In a recent webinar co-hosted with Snap, we employed this data to identify six new creative insights and recommendations tied to COVID-19 to help brands understand consumers’ ever-changing performance trends amidst the shifting global landscape by looking at changes in trends from 2019 to 2020.

Optimizing for Purchase Rate

Looking to improve purchase rate, brands found success when:

Using text in videos.

The use of text is still critical in a sound-on environment. When compared to other key proponents, including label, emotion, gender, and logo, text comprised 40% of all visual elements affecting purchase rate.

Being mindful of emotion.

We saw a 248% increase in Purchase Rate when using fear as the top-performing emotion in 2020. That said, we do not encourage brands to intentionally create fear-based content, but rather be mindful of what emotions resonate most with their audience based on current events, seasonality, etc.

Utilizing the outdoors.

In 2020, outdoor visuals correlated with a 237% lift in Purchase Rate, in comparison to a 459% Purchase Rate increase of indoor visuals in 2019.

Giving out discounts.

Discounts of 50% generated a 37% increase in Purchase Rate in 2020.

Applying the word “free”.

In messaging, the word “free” consistently yields a lift in Purchase Rate, with a 369% increase in 2019 and a 344% increase in 2020.

Featuring men in visuals.

Men appeared as a top-performing element - though less so in 2020 compared to 2019 – at a Purchase Rate increase of 531% in 2020 and 931% in 2019.

Since the start of our partnership in 2017, VidMob’s technology has helped brands on Snapchat increase their sales and significantly boost ROAS with creative data. Although this analysis’ insights shape an underlying basis for Snap brands to optimize their content, brand-specific insights further display takeaways distinct to brand elements. It’s important to go beyond best practices to find out what works best for your unique brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how VidMob’s Creative Intelligence tool can advance your advertising efforts and help improve your creative performance on Snap, check out our website or visit the Snapchat Marketing Partners page.

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