How to Interact With Your Clients

Posted by Steph Garofoli on Mar 10, 2015 11:17:00 AM
Steph Garofoli

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In my last post, I walked through what the average VidMob project will be like.  I worked with our designer to customize a few of our editors’ site mock ups to show how this project will go.  Just as a note, due to the nature of VidMob, we have a bidirectional approach supporting both editors and clients.  Right now, the clients will be using the App, but editors will go to a site on their desktop.  This is done primarily to streamline the process to eliminate confusion, but also because editors will need to be able to access their clients’ videos on their desktop to do the editing.

Our first mock up, is an example of the editors site showing what you will see when a client sends new media for a project:


Here, you can see the interaction with the client.  The page displays relevant data like client and project names, so that you can easily keep track of everything if you’re doing multiple projects.  Below that are different clips that the client uploaded, along with the client’s notes.  This is a convenient and organized way to group everything together.

Our next mock up shows the screen that editors will see after uploading a new iteration:


Here, we can see the newest iteration, with a few notes from the editor.  Here, I hadn’t touched the audio yet, and the ending needed to be fixed up, but it was an opportunity for me to let the client see the new cut before I went through and tweaked the individual clips.

Our last mock up shows the communication between the editor and the client.


Here, you can see all of the communications with the client in one convenient place.  This makes sure that you won’t miss any notes from the client and allows for one inbox for all of your VidMob messages, as opposed to clogging up your email inbox.