Introducing VidMob’s Mobile Fitness Score Generator

Posted by Erin Martin on Aug 18, 2020 1:00:00 PM
Erin Martin

In a time when both social media usage and mobile share of that usage continue to soar, it’s more important than ever to design and create with users and their preferred platforms in mind. We want to help you ensure that your creative captures your audience on every platform you utilize, which is why we’re excited to announce our Mobile Fitness Score generator. This new (and free!) tool evaluates how well an ad is designed for mobile-first platforms by looking at four key categories: messaging, duration, key visuals, and branding. With mobile share of social media visits in the United States exceeding 80% in H2 of 2019, mobile-first creative is no longer a consideration: it’s a requirement for success.


How Your Mobile Fitness Score is Generated

Our Mobile Fitness Score tells you how well your ad creative follows the best practices of mobile-first advertising. We calculate the score based on messaging, duration, key visuals, and branding, using a 100-point scale.


How well does your ad communicate with your audience? We inspect text size, time of introduction, duration on screen, and screen positioning to evaluate effectiveness. The higher the score for this section, the clearer the messaging.


Is your ad an appropriate length? We look at timing to determine whether or not the duration of the ad is optimal. Ads that fall well beyond or below the best practice length will drop in score.

Key Visuals

How many visual elements do you present at a time? This section measures whether your ad is visually overwhelming or easy on the eyes, the latter of which will result in a higher score.


Is your branding easily recognizable without being the main focus of the ad? The tool will evaluate when, how, and where your logo is used to decide this score.

How to Utilize Your Mobile Fitness Score

Your Mobile Fitness Score report will break down your scores for each section and give you recommendations on how to improve your scores by applying mobile-first creative best practices. If you’d like to see how VidMob can help with your creative and provide more insight into your ad performance, you can request a personalized demo of our Agile Creative Studio, including our Creative Intelligence tool, which applies artificial intelligence data to your ads, frame by frame.

In the coming weeks, we’ll publish more details on each section of the Mobile Fitness Score, as well as tips & tricks for how to improve them. To receive updates straight to your inbox, subscribe to our blog below.

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