Multiply the Impact of Your Brand on Creative with VidMob Brand Governance

Posted by Katie Fagan on Jul 22, 2021 12:00:00 PM

The expansion of digital platforms has created a slew of both exciting opportunities and unique challenges for brands—especially those with a large, nuanced global presence. Chief among these new challenges is the delicate balancing act of maintaining consistent brand standards without sacrificing content performance. And while many platforms have well-researched best practices to help guide a brand’s creative strategy, there’s just no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. So how are brands supposed to navigate and track these many (and sometimes competing!) brand, platform, and performance best practices?

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It all starts with a foundation of effective brand governance, which includes both the ability to quickly measure which creative assets are meeting creative best practice criteria and the data to understand which creative best practices are driving the KPIs that matter most.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of VidMob Brand Governance—an automated solution to help brands intelligently scale their brand presence across every digital touchpoint.

Meet Creative Benchmarks, Then Exceed Them

All great brands have two things in common: excellent brand presence and branded creative that drives performance. We built VidMob Brand Governance to help global organizations go beyond basic monitoring and scoring of creative in order to boost overall creative performance and multiply brand impact.

With the capability to automatically track and score both pre- and in-flight assets against a custom list of best practice criteria that can be broken down by any brand, region, platform, and (coming soon) objective, brands can quickly align their many different creative teams and partners on one platform, saving loads of time, effort, and cost on manual resources and processes. And with the knowledge of which best practices are worth the cost of enforcing, brands can both optimize their brand book for creative ROI as well as act quickly on fixing poorly scoring creative without needing to dramatically overhaul existing workflows.

As Marco Frade, Head of Media, Digital & CRM at Diageo put it, “This solution will transform the way our organization manages brand assets. Not only will we have the ability to monitor required brand elements at a global, omnichannel scale, we can immediately incorporate fixes and have insights into how ad performance is affected by brand mandatories.”

How to Uncover the Best Practices that Are Actually Best for Your Brand

Gaining visibility and control over your brand creative has never been simpler with Brand Governance. Here's how it works:



Set Criteria

Select the best practices you want to track by brand, market, platform, and (coming soon!) objective. 



vidmob-brand-governance-score-creativeSTEP 2

Score Creative

Automatically know which creative assets will perform best and get production support to fix ones that need more work. [screenshot]




Monitor Performance

Know if your best practices drive results with VidMob’s best-in-class Creative Analytics. [screenshot]


Insights - ArtworkSTEP 4

Get game-changing insights

Discover new brand insights to refresh creative best practices for continuously improved performance. [screenshot]



Are you ready to measure, score, and multiply your brand’s creative impact? See what Brand Governance can do for your brand.


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