Storytelling: Why the Littlest Moments Matter

Posted by Katie Fagan on Jul 1, 2015 3:36:00 PM

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The letter, the telephone, the cell phone, video, photography—all of it invented for the same purpose: to share all of life’s best moments easier, faster, better. Why? Because, as humans, we’re storytellers, each and every one of us. Because, when we can’t be living out our experiences together, the urge to share them with our communities becomes that much greater. Because sharing our stories is how we bond.

A good meal, a fun trip, a life milestone—they’re that much sweeter when enjoyed with others. And social sharing (our everyday storytelling) creates that community, excitement, education, understanding, and empathy that defines our collective human experience. It allows our individual histories to search out common ground with another’s.

To put it simply, sharing is a beautiful thing! Because it’s what makes the world go ‘round.

It’s also what makes social media so wildly popular. It’s a given to want to capture the moments that make up our life legends—the graduations, the anniversaries, the epic vacations. It’s why apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are so prominent. They all provide us with that outlet to weave the fabric of our individual histories. To shout from the rooftops about all of our adventures, our victories, our milestones, and every little moment in between. And what may be surprising is that, in the grand scheme of things, sometimes it’s the littlest moments that wind up becoming the most memorable. Because yes, that ice cream was life-changing, and who cares if it’s “basic,” beach sunsets will always be a highlight of seaside vacations.

How do we know this? Because people all over the world continue to share these little moments in equal, if not larger, quantities than the major milestone moments like marriage celebrations, family reunions, births, etc. Why? Because it’s these smaller moments that fill in the holes between our major events. They provide the color, the personality, and the unique vividness to our life stories. How we bond with one another is all in the details. It’s not only the major plot points that matter—it’s the littlest moments that make a story special.

Which is why we at VidMob are so excited about the launch of our mobile app. Because, like any good storyteller, we realize your videos are not meant to simply document, but to enliven, to excite, and to engage. That’s why we match you with talented freelance video editors of your choice (from all around the globe!) to transform your video into wow-worthy, share-worthy, captivating histories.

So how will you share your story? Visit VidMob today to learn more and get ready for our launch!


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