The Art of Bidding

Posted by Steph Garofoli on May 29, 2015 11:20:00 AM
Steph Garofoli


We have put a lot of thought into the bidding process. Here are some important things to keep in mind when create your bids:

Make sure your bid is reasonable by asking yourself what the work is actually worth. There are going to be a lot of very talented editors working with VidMob, and you need to make sure your bid is reasonable if you want it to get picked. Don’t worry about what your normal rate is, but focus on what you think the work is worth. If you set your price too high, you are going to price yourself out of the market. If you set your price too low, bids that you win won’t be worth your time. The key is to evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis to figure out the appropriate amount to bid for a project.

Think about how long it will take to complete the project. If you are a wedding videographer, you can probably edit together wedding videos in your sleep. For projects that you can turnaround quickly, it makes sense to bid lower. Having happy customers will increase your rating and visibility for future jobs. Customers will have the option to sort their prospective bids by price or by rating. If you can consistently deliver top-quality projects, you will shoot to the top of the rating, and can begin to charge more for your future work.

Don’t be afraid of bidding on projects outside your comfort zone. It may be daunting to work in a genre you have never worked in before, but it’s a great learning experience that will force you to think outside the box. You may enjoy the new genre and begin taking on more projects in different genres.

Embrace the auto-bid. I’ll get more into auto-bidding in a future post, but it revolves around taking a particular genre of video, and setting up certain criteria that you know you will be comfortable, to gather a large swath of projects to which you are best suited. In our wedding videographer example, an auto-bid could specify that she will do any wedding project with less than 1-hour of footage and has at least one week before the due date for a certain price. By setting this up, as an editor you won’t have to look through every possible project to find the right fits. When a customer matching the criteria creates a project, they will immediately see everyone with a qualifying auto-bid and can select their editor immediately.

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