The Four Pillars of Mobile-First Creative

Posted by Erin Martin on Sep 1, 2020 3:00:00 PM
Erin Martin

Here at VidMob, we want to empower marketers around the world to understand the how and why of creative performance of their campaigns. In a monumental step forward in that effort, we recently launched our (free!) Mobile Fitness Score Generator to generate automatic, AI-driven reports that tell advertisers how well their creative follows mobile-first platform best practices. Mobile Fitness Scores are calculated based on four components, using a 100-point scale.


How Each Component is Evaluated to Determine Your Mobile Fitness Score


To determine your messaging score, we gauge how well your ad communicates with your audience. Since most viewing environments play ads on mute by default, it is imperative to include text in your ad. The words you choose and presentation method are also important. Messaging should appear within 2-5 seconds and should be easy to read and comprehend. Your message should be captivating, but brief: you’ll need to be able to display all text slow enough for your audience to understand without needing to lengthen the creative past duration best practices.


To decide the duration score, we compare the length of your ad against mobile best practices. While you have a very short period of time to catch the attention of a passerby, the goal is not to make your ad as short as possible. If your creative is under 6 seconds, it’s likely too short to convey a meaningful message. But anything over 12 seconds will likely result in heightened viewer drop-off. Somewhere between 6 and 12 seconds -- long enough to get your message across, but short enough to do so concisely -- is the sweet spot.

Key Visuals

To establish your key visuals score, the number of visual elements in each frame are evaluated to see if you’re providing a clear, singular focal point for viewers. If there’s too much going on in your ad, it could be difficult for viewers to follow. If there is a good balance of visuals but no clear key visual within the first 3 seconds, your audience may move on.


To determine the branding score, we inspect how and when your brand name (or logo) is presented to the viewer. Best practices dictate that branding should be displayed clearly within the first 3 seconds of the creative. Lack of identifiable branding will result in your audience not knowing who the brand is from, while branding that appears too late risks viewer drop off, meaning those lost will never know the brand behind the ad.

So how does your ad stack up? Is there room to be done, or do you (and your creative teams) know your stuff? Get your Mobile Fitness Score to find out.


In our next post, we’ll take the four pillars of mobile-first creative a step further and walk through the how-to of creating ads with a mobile-first mentality. Don’t want to miss out? Subscribe for blog alerts below.

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