The Importance of Brand Governance in a Global, Digital World

Posted by Erin Martin on Jun 23, 2021 12:00:00 PM
Erin Martin

Brand governance is the practice of ensuring consistent and compliant branding and best practices in an effort to improve customer experience and trust. And, in an ever-evolving global and digital world, brand governance is only increasing in importance. With copy and creative assets being distributed on multiple platforms in countless ways, ensuring that the messaging and visuals in those materials don’t stray from the brand’s identity, standards, and values and meet platform recommendations is only becoming more difficult. But in the era of digital transformation, governance is no longer an option; it’s a necessity for all brands looking to grow in a digital world. From digital growth to brand awareness, maintaining brand governance across channels, formats, and audiences is crucial.

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Why Brand Governance is Essential to Growth and Performance

Digital Growth Scalability

As your brand and organization grow, so too does your wish to increase reach and engagement. But this growth creates a glaring challenge: maintaining brand integrity across the vast increase in the amount of assets produced and the number of contributors and teams producing them. Effective digital marketing requires keeping up with the speed and personalization associated with these platforms—including platform specific best practices—and brand governance enables you to achieve this without sacrificing standards or performance.

Efficient Brand Boosting

By knowing your assets are in line with your brand identity and unique best practices, you can produce and distribute creative assets at scale. In turn arises an opportunity for massive brand growth. Brand governance empowers your team to boost brand lift through even more touch points, utilizing data and brand guidelines to ensure everything put into the market is built to perform on every platform your team utilizes.

Regionalization Without Sacrificing Standards

Expanding into new markets, whether they’re across the country or across the globe, requires altering messaging and delivery to adhere to differences in audiences. But by creating and maintaining brand governance standards, contributors will know what elements they can and cannot experiment with when communicating to a new audience segment or market. Regionalization arguably becomes easier, as existing brand governance standards operate as a framework to create within.

VidMob’s Approach to Brand Governance

Here at VidMob, we strive to help marketers make strategic decisions, based on data, that will improve their advertising performance. So, when it came time to support our clients’ own governance initiatives, we embodied the same mindset, seeking data to support the need for governance analytics in the advertising space. The result? VidMob Brand Governance, built to help companies of all sizes identify and maintain their own brand best practices, alongside platform specific best practices, in a way that improves creative performance.

Want to learn more about our Brand Governance capabilities, powered by the same Artificial Intelligence that uncovers endless insights to help produce Intelligent Creative? Visit our new home for Brand Governance.



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