VidMob Hosts 2019 Class of Girls' Leadership Worldwide

Posted by VidMob on Jul 18, 2019 2:52:00 PM

On a warm July summer day, VidMob had the honor of hosting nearly a dozen young and motivated women from the 2019 class of Girls’ Leadership Worldwide (GLW). This innovative program empowers young women between the ages of 14–18 from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to discover what it’s like to be a female badass by visiting different career sites, companies, and interactive workshops. This GLW program is run by the incredible Eleanor Roosevelt Center . Nina Roosevelt Collmer, great-grand-daughter of Eleanor Roosevelt, is the wife of VidMob’s very own founder Alex Collmer. Here at VidMob, we pride ourselves on being nearly 50% female, and are always thrilled to support and encourage fearless female doers.

All settled in at our headquarters in New York, leading women at VidMob ranging from data analysts, marketing managers, and client partners, sat down with the young ladies of GLW to share their stories, lessons in leadership, and advice for building a career that embodies their talent and drive. Below are a few quotes from our awesome female leaders that sparked a conversation with the women from GLW.

“If you find yourself losing track of time because you love what you’re doing, that’s the passion you should follow” -Debbie Mudd, VidMob’s Creative Director

Passion seems to be the buzzword of career talks these days. And it was the center of focus for many of the young women at GLW, asking questions like “What passion?” “How will you know if you’ve found it?” “What if you never find it?”. Of course, finding what drives you isn’t something that people stumble across everyday. Nor does it need to be found by the time you start your career. As our own Creative Director Debbie shared, it’s an ongoing process and journey.

“I let my curiosity lead the way.” -Cathryn Walker, VidMob’s Sales Marketing Manager

As Debbie had explained, passion doesn’t simply appear because you’re looking for it. And maybe there isn’t much that you’re able to get lost in. Cathryn Walker explained this in her own story, sharing although she doesn’t have one single passion, she’s let her curiosity push her career onwards and upwards. As our incredible Sales Marketing Manager noted, following your curiosity will not only lead to success, but a wide range of learning experiences.


VidMob was honored to host this inspiring group from Girls’ Leadership Worldwide. As a company with a strong and dedicated female network, we were excited to share the journeys of such a diverse group of leaders and answer the questions of up and coming young women in the working world. We are also fiercely passionate about our external female network, sharing the voices and influences of incredible women through other programs and events like our Female Founder series (shoutout to Jill Martin of the TODAY show, our most recent guest and childhood friend of our CMO, Stephanie Bohn) and Creativist events (taking place in San Francisco this Fall-stay tuned for details!). As women, ambition and passion not only help us find our own paths, but help when we play an active role in raising one another up.

To take a peek at some other female badass work we’ve done, check out our Creativist event we held last year.