What Gen Z and Millennials Are Watching & What That Means For Marketers

Posted by Katie Fagan on Aug 6, 2018 2:59:00 PM

It’s no surprise the generations that were raised on media are most drawn to motion-based content on the web. Gen Z spends over 40% of their digital time watching video versus looking at static images and reading articles. Most of their digital time is spent on social media by way of mobile apps. Any advertiser that wants to connect with consumers under the age of 37 needs to be prepared to speak in video. Not just any kind of video. Gen Z and Millennials are gravitating toward specific types of video ads and have pretty firm opinions on what deserves their attention. VidMob sought to understand what those are and why. We’ve launched a web experience (with lots of video) to share what we learned and below are some highlights…



Younger audiences engage with content that resonates with their personal style. Brand marketers tend to think about personalization along demographic lines—age, gender, ethnicity, life stage. But as it turns out, Gen Z and Millennials care more about seeing their vibe over their tribe. Even the celeb factor is trumped by style. It’s a beautiful thing. Speaking of which, Gen Z is highly influenced by influential people, images, and colors, much more so than their Millennial counterparts. 


With social apps constantly growing, browsers have taken a backseat on mobile. Major social platforms are creating their apps with mobile-only in mind, and Gen Z and Millenials opt for their phones when looking to communicate, consume, and create content. Whether Gen Z and Millenials are scrolling through in-feed, signing up for a workout class, or shopping on Amazon, there’s an app for that. Browsers are out, apps that feed into personal style are in.


Social has erupted as the primary way users update their followers on their day-to-day lives and showcase their personal brand. With everything from video, audio, and even GIFs available to enhance and customize social media Stories, it’s easier than ever to create content that reflects yourself. Gen Z drives the Story boom with unprecedented rates of creation and consumption, and Millennials have also bought into Stories as an ideal format for self-expression on social. Working alongside this, many of Gen Z opt for humor when using social apps, with 54% of Snapchat users watching Snapchat Stories for the laughs. Not only does it connect users with friends, but with celebrities, digital publications, and, more importantly, brands.

As we all know, the desire to create and consume unique content are the driving forces being the social media boom. Gen Z is constantly searching for content that adds to their personal brand and taste, and across the board, they tend to consume more than they create on social. Whether by DIY hacks, news, popular memes, fashion trends, etc., social apps have become a one-stop shop for media intake.


Social is by no means slowing down. Gen Z and Millennials continue to take in content and opt for brands and styles that are personal and creative, making diversity and edginess key components when it comes to brand attractiveness for Gen Z.

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