What The New iPhone Means For Video

Posted by Katie Fagan on Oct 8, 2015 11:35:00 AM


Here’s the lowdown (in case you hadn’t heard): just a few weeks ago, Apple launched their latest version of the ever-famous, always-evolving iPhone. The most exciting new features of the iPhone 6s? Five words: Live Photos and 4K Video.

Live Photos are cute, little expansions of a photo memory that enliven the captured moment (further proof that video is becoming the way we preserve our lives—because life isn’t static, afterall!). And while the tech here isn’t nearly as impressive as the new quality of the 4K video, it’s still a fun, hidden bonus feature that adds a special dynamism to the memory.

And then of course, there’s 4K video. Cue collective sigh of relief. Now, the ease with which we capture stunning photos is also available for our videos. So catching those elusively wonderful moments in sharp, vivid resolution (aka doing them justice!) from the convenience of your phone? No longer just a dream.

With video capture on the rise, it only seems natural that Apple would beef up their latest and greatest iPhone with these video-focused perks. Which—like everyone and their mother—we also can’t wait to get our hands on (can you blame us?).

As a video editing marketplace, it goes without saying that we’re psyched about the phone’s new features. Because it can only mean one thing: that people not only want to watch more video but that they also want to capture more video. And for us, the more video that gets captured the more jobs can get created for our editors!

So, here’s to the iPhone 6s and all the amazing video and photos you’ll take with it. Here’s to a crisper shot of your kid riding a bike, a more vibrant video of your dog splashing in the lake, or a clearer memory of that epic road trip up the 101. And as for turning those clips and pics into a well-polished, professional video memory that will last a lifetime? Well, we’ve got you covered.

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